The Dance

by 90daysoryearstogettingpublished

Another writing class one. I like it because this is me trying to be the great Chinua Achebe,(a girl can dream, right?) and also I skipped 3 posts, so I’m doing my best to make good.

She shook her waist to the beat, head down, waist beads jangling in
rythm with her feet as they navigated the intricate footwork. She knew
Emenike was watching but she studiously avoided his gaze. This dance
was for Dike and she was furious that she had not yet spotted him in
the throng of people around them. Everyone was out at the village
square this afternoon, as was customary, to watch the young maidens become women. After the ceremony, when they had danced and received the ‘blessing’ from the Chief they would slip away with their chosen
‘iko’, beneath trees and behind buildings, mother’s warning unheeded,
ready to satisfy and be satisfied in a way that only the young and
eager can.

“Uzo.” Her smile faded when she saw Emenike before her with the necklace of cowrie shells, ready to put them around her neck. She could not shun him, not in fornt of his father and her parents, everyone watching. She lowered her lashes and bent her head without breaking her rhythm, hips moving faster and faster, chest heaving,
longing for Dike. Where was he? She knew that she had not
misinterpreted his feelings towards her. Especially not after yesterday when he had grabbed her on her way to the stream with the other girls. They had run off mock screaming, like silly sheep, more from pleasure that one of their own had been ‘accosted’ than anything
else. She had feigned displeasure as he had ground against her, not speaking, not needing to. She had given in momentarily to the feeling, but had pushed him away, for decorums sake. Though she had dreamed of this day, she still knew how the game was played. “Tomorrow.” He had said, eyes following her as he ran after her friends, looking over her shoulder at him.

She fixed a brilliant smile on her face as she adjusted her beads and
looked around the crowd for him once more. She would dance and he
would come.