The Trip

by 90daysoryearstogettingpublished

Writing class, o writing class, wherefore art thou writing class? I’d forgotten about this one and I must say, I quite enjoyed retreading it after all these years.

It was early evening as they both watched the sun creep beneath the
clouds, slowly, magnified it seemed by the large airport window. Lost
in their seperate thoughts, they held hands, unified in their
reluctance to have the conversation that they knew was inevitable.
“I will miss this,” he said, stooping to drop a kiss at the top of her
head. She smiled, a slight tug of her lips, and snuggled closer to
him. Me too, she thought, but said instead “Even with those beautiful
american girls?” Her tone sounded jealous and needy even to her own
ears. She winced inwardly as she anticipated his withdrawal.
“We’ve been over this a thousand times,” He spoke in that patient, yet
condescending manner that he knew she detested. “Mugo, don’t…it came
out wrong…” She plucked at his sleeve, avoiding the anger that she
knew would be in his eyes.” I just don’t want us to be like…” She
paused, as a sob caught in her throat.
“Like your ex-boyfiend.” He had firmly and cooly removed her hand from
his sleeve, facing her squarely now. “I don’t know what to say – what
do I have to do to show you that I am not Daniel? This is why I didn’t
want to accept any money from yu – in fact here…” He tried to place
the crisp dollars in her limp hands, turning away as they fell like
leaves to the floor.
She watched him walk away, her heart breaking with every step he took.
Mugo had walked further down to the almost empty airport seating
lounge, and was staring out the window, brooding. Through the corner
of her eye, she watched him retrace his steps, trailing his hand on
the side of the window, in a childlike manner, as he walked.
She knew what he would do before he reached her. Don’t pick it up, she
pleadede silently, please don’t, let this be different, lord. She
watched him stoop to one knee, showing a flash of his navy blue socks
as he nonchalantly picked up the money that lay splayed out, fanlike
on the filthy airport carpet. She couldn’t stop the tears as he came
towards her, the sickenening dejavu seeming more tangible. What was it
about her, she had often wondered that attracted these type of men?
She was nice to look at, smart, with a good head on her shoulders, but
it semed like every man she had ever dated took advantage of whatever
she had to offer at the time, leaving her emotionally and sometimes
financially drained. Like Dan. She remembered how sick to her stomach
she had been when she found out that there had never been any
scholarship, never been any plans to return. And here she was, five
years later, doing it all over again. “look honey,” He was being
indulgent she knew, “in about an hour, I’m going to get on that plane.
Let us enjoy this time and see it as a celebration of our future and
not this..”he gestured towards her face that was still damp with
“Give it back.” She had barely spoken above a whisper, but from his
expression, she knew he heard her. “My money, I want it back.” Her
voice was firm, made louder by her confidence in her decsion, abrupt
as it was. “You said yoiu never wanted it- you love me for me, right?”
She faced him squarely, watching him as he swallowed and nodded, yet
still remaining frozen, staring at her outstretched hand. She slid his
wallet from his coat pocket and deliberately counted out the thousand
dollars she had given him, ten crisp hundred dollar notes. Her smile
was genuine this time when she saw the slackened ‘O’ that was his
mouth. “Good bye and good luck, sweetie.” She paused for emphasis,
“I’ll wait for you.” She turned and walked away from him, confident
and sure footed, out of the dreary airport and into the warm night