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Month: December, 2014

No big deal

Just a few STELLAR reviews of MY book ‘The Perfect Girl, The Prostitute & other Stories’ on Amazon.

The Perfect Girl

Eeek! I lied- this is like the biggest deal ever! Go on over to amazon and read them, read an excerpt of the book. Buy it in print and on Kindle. See for yourself- I always like to know what my fellow writers think. Be honest, yet kind. 😉

Thank you.





World Domination :)

I kid. Sort of. But did you know I started a publishing and media company?
No? Well, I am my first and only client, but an anthology could be in the works for next year. Watch this space and head on over to my Youtube channel below and subscribe to my ‘StorySheWrote Media’ channel
for updates, excerpts from my book and general chit chat.

Thank you!